We live in the times when new technologies are on the rise and they can hardly surprise anyone. Augmented reality blurs the line between what’s real and what has been generated by computer. Annually we can observe huge leaps in smartphone technology. Various applications pop up like mushrooms after the rain.  Only a few decades ago people would use landline phones and telephone booths to keep in touch over long distances, and now it is possible to track a person’s exact location, browsing history, text messages and basically all activities with just one download of a cell phone tracker.

Most commonly a cell phone spy is used by parents who want to see where their kids are, employers who use various tracking apps to check if employees use company phones for personal calls. With a myriad of spy phone apps on the market how do I choose the right one? How to track a phone efficiently?

The leading spy app developers offer plenty of features, and here are the ones worth looking for:

  • SMS tracker with the help of which you can track both sent and received texts.
  • Call log monitoring which enables you to track incoming and dialed calls.
  • GPS tracking system which keeps you informed about a person’s whereabouts.
  • Browser history that shows you a history of Internet sessions made on the phone let it be Safari, Google or any other mobile browser.
  • Picture logging enabling you to see what photos have been made with a phone.
  • Website blocking if you want to restrict your child’s access to adult content.
  • E-mail tracking used to record all the correspondence made from a mobile device.
  • Messaging platform tracking. Some brands allow you to track messages on Viber, Whatsapp, Google Hangouts, Skype, etc.
  • Telephone call recording. Some developers offer a feature of live call recording and playback, so you do not need to listen to conversations real time, as there is a function of listening to a recorded playback.
  • Access to some keys
  • Revealing contact list which shows you who your child/partner is in contact with. You can even see the hidden contacts in case with some app brands.

These are the features that allow you a comprehensive tracking. And while there are some free cell phone spies, a great variety of features described above are only available with apps for which you would have to pay a considerable amount of money. So prior to choosing an app we suggest taking the following steps.

  • Make sure that you check app’s compatibility with your phone. Case by case mobile spy brands offer specific features for iOS or Andorid only while some of the features are available for any operating system.
  • Look up some information about the app and see if it is user-friendly.
  • Think of what you need an app for. Why overpay for functions you might not need? Perhaps all you want is to see who sends messages to your child. In this case all you need to do is get a text spy. If you want to follow someone’s activities on whatsapp, download a whatsapp spy.
  • Choose a vendor who offers a money back guarantee. If something malfunctions on your device or you cannot have some features because of your network provider’s settings, it is better that you do not end up paying for an annual subscription for an app you do not use.

So whichever spying app you choose and whatever features you require, we are sure you can find something to satisfy your need. And the last but not least you might ask us, “Can I track with my phone”?  Yes, you can track someone from any device and any place in the world as long as the person you are tracking has good Internet connection.

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